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What is it they say - A rose by any other name? Well, this Rose's name is Mistress and you would do well not to forget it!

While I can be caring, loving, sensual and erotic, I can also be cruel and sadistic when the mood strikes Me. 

I can put you in a trance with the hypnotic, velvety tone of My seductive voice, telling you how I will enslave you and make you My property. You will crave and live for the sound of My voice and become addicted to the sight of My smooth, goddess-like body. You will long to be in My presence and be willing to do anything in order for Me to allow you that privilege. 

Or I can scold, berate and humiliate you, even in the presence of others, when I so choose. Whip, kick, punish you like My little slut, bringing you to your knees and putting you in your place -  teaching you the cruel lessons of obedience.

You know you're not worthy, and never can be, but you worship the ground upon which I walk and would gladly throw down you body for Me to walk all over if I so demanded. The only need that you have that matters is your need to serve and satisfy Me! 

Beg for the privilege of serving Me -  I might be in a generous mood.


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1-800-485-0215 Ext 105

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